The Mooseshed BBQ

Project Type: Website Design

The Moose Shed BBQ is a BBQ business based in Canmore, Alberta located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. We specialise in low and slow Texas style BBQ but like to throw in some fusion and live fire items as well. The Moose Shed BBQ is a dream that we have been working on for around 3 years now, after selling our hog roast catering business in the UK and moving to Canada. The culinary flame still burned bright, so we started on social media, posting content to showcase our passion for BBQ and live fire cooking. After gaining some popularity we then branched into retail stores, currently in both Canmore and the famous Banff Alberta, with our in house made BBQ spices, and recently our new chilli jellies.

At MASEDigital, we intricately crafted a custom WordPress platform for Mooseshed BBQ, blending advanced design principles with technical expertise. Our approach extended beyond aesthetics, as we implemented intuitive user interaction features and seamlessly integrated essential plugins. With meticulous attention to detail, we ensured optimal functionality and user engagement, resulting in a dynamic online experience tailored to Mooseshed BBQ's unique offerings.

Our Solution

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Thanks to MASEDigital, our new website is a game-changer for Mooseshed BBQ. It’s sleek, easy to navigate, and captures our brand perfectly. Highly recommend!

Luke, Owner

The Mooseshed BBQ


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