Luminary Mindset

Project Type: Web Design & Backend Management
We worked with the Luminary Mindset™ team to create an online experience that truly represents that brand identity and position in the market as a top-level corporate consultancy in a wide range of industries. Through website design and development, we crafted a digital landscape that captures the attention of the target client and represents their specialised products and services. By elevating the online presence of the brand, Luminary Mindset™ was set to market the consultancy on a greater scale, enabling them to focus on the wider goals and outcomes of the business.

Where We Started

Luminary Mindset™ faced challenges with an outdated website that failed to drive organic engagement or provide a satisfactory user experience, leaving their full range of services underrepresented. The Founder wanted a modern, user and Google-friendly home to showcase the company’s wide range of services and products that reflects the brand’s position in the industry as a top culture uplift specialist consultancy.

Our Solution

In response to Luminary Mindset’s challenges, we embarked on a transformative journey to revamp their online presence. We crafted a fresh, modern website that not only met their needs but exceeded expectations. This involved integrating new designs, improving navigation, expanding service pages to showcase their offerings comprehensively, and implementing seamless payment integrations. The result was a revitalised digital platform that accurately reflected Luminary Mindset™'s brand identity, enhanced user experience, and laid a solid foundation for increased organic engagement and business growth.

I want to express my sincere appreciation for the exceptional redesign of Your expertise has transformed our website from a basic WordPress site to a dynamic, full-stack platform.

The transition was seamless, thanks to your mastery in web development. Your dedication and attention to detail have elevated our online presence significantly.

Thank you for your commitment to excellence throughout the redesign process. now stands as a beacon of inspiration, all thanks to your collaboration.

Kate Russell

Head of Marketing,


Web Design & Backend Management




2022 – Present