Project Type: Web Development & Application
PEEQ™’s journey began with a visionary idea: to create a networking web app and mobile application that unites professionals and leaders worldwide, offering online programs, live webinars, masterclasses, and group coaching sessions. As their trusted partner, we transformed this idea into a reality by developing a comprehensive platform that fulfills all these functions seamlessly. Our collaboration resulted in the creation of a dynamic website and app, providing users with a robust networking experience that facilitates meaningful connections, learning opportunities, and professional growth on a global scale.

Where We Started

We embarked on a journey of development with PEEQ™ based on a transformative idea: to create a platform that connects professionals and leaders worldwide, offering a diverse range of features such as online programs and live webinars. This initial concept marked the genesis of PEEQ™'s mission to revolutionize networking and professional development and needed to be able to evolve with continuous feature additions as the platform grows.

Our Solution

We successfully brought PEEQ™'s vision to life by developing a comprehensive networking platform that includes both a website and mobile app, catering to professionals and leaders worldwide. Our full-stack expertise enabled us to create seamless experiences across Web, iOS, and Android platforms, ensuring accessibility for a diverse range of users. The platform encompasses all the features PEEQ™ requested, including networking, online programs, live webinars and group coaching sessions. Additionally, we integrated in-app purchases for online programs and 1:1 sessions with coaches, enhancing the platform's value and revenue potential.

Dear Sean and Team MASEDigital,

I’m thrilled to express our heartfelt gratitude for your outstanding work on PEEQ’s digital platforms. Your expertise has been pivotal in transforming our vision into reality.

From crafting a seamless web platform to developing iOS and Android apps with in-app purchases, your team’s dedication to excellence shines through. Your contributions have empowered us to offer online courses and create a thriving community of leaders.

Your unwavering support and expertise have been invaluable in shaping PEEQ’s growth. We’re grateful for your partnership and look forward to continuing our journey together.

Kate Russell

Head of Marketing, PEEQ™


Web Development & Application


PHP, IOS, Android


2022 – Present