Psychic Sofa

Project Type: User Interaction & Development

At Psychic Sofa,  we used PHP technology to execute a comprehensive website redesign and consultancy mission. Psychic Sofa, a prominent figure in the Psychic reading domain for over 15 years, entrusted us with the task of enhancing their entire site’s user interface, both front and back end. With thousands of daily calls for Psychic readings, our expertise was sought to elevate their service and user experience and enhance their conversion funnel. 

Our meticulous approach not only revamped their main platform but extended to redesigning their partnering App as well as the brand’s recruitment website, Through a blend of creativity and functionality, we crafted a digital experience that resonated with Psychic Sofa’s vast audience, ensuring seamless navigation and engaging user interaction. Our collaboration culminated in a transformative online presence, poised to drive sustained growth and success for Psychic Sofa in the years ahead.

Where We Started

Psychic Sofa faced a significant challenge with an outdated website and App, lagging behind competitors and lacking crucial elements like SEO optimisation, enhanced user experience, site speed and smooth conversion flows. This led to a disjointed online presence, hampering their ability to engage users effectively and convert them into customers.

Our Solution

Recognising Psychic Sofa’s challenges, we embarked on a transformative journey to revitalise Psychic Sofa's digital landscape, ensuring seamless navigation, engaging user interaction, and improved conversion rates. Through meticulous website development and strategic SEO implementation, we successfully addressed these pain points, positioning Psychic Sofa for enhanced visibility, user engagement, and sustained growth in a competitive market.

I wanted to extend a big thank you for all your help! Your wizardry with UI improvements on our website has been game-changing. Plus, streamlining our backend systems? You’re like the superheroes of efficiency!

And let’s not forget how you’ve supercharged our agent recruitment process. It’s been a pleasure working with you and your awesome team. Looking forward to more magical collaborations in the future!

Psychic Sofa


User Interaction & Development




2021 – 2023