Project Type: Website Design & Software Development

At Quoteitpro, we embarked on an exciting venture to develop a quoting software, specifically for the trade industry. With a clean slate and a clear vision, we dove into the project, creating a robust and intuitive platform that streamlines the quoting process for tradespeople. The new website and integrated software offers a seamless and efficient tool to generate accurate quotes and estimates, while storing all client data and sales funnels. Through meticulous planning, innovative design, and rigorous testing, we crafted a cutting-edge solution that revolutionises how the trade industry approaches quoting, setting a new standard for efficiency and professionalism, ensuring ease and speed of use for any user.

Where We Started

Quoteitpro’s Founder was working from a complex Excel spreadsheet, so the first task at hand was to untangle the maths turn this XL sheet into a user friendly quoting software that could be used by anyone. Recognizing the need to streamline the quoting process, we embarked on a journey to create a solution that simplifies and optimises the quoting experience, empowering tradespeople with a robust tool to generate accurate quotes efficiently with a frontend site to partner.

Our Solution

After months of dedicated research and development, we finalised a comprehensive solution for Quoteitpro. Our web-based platform offers users a seamless experience, starting with easy registration for a 14-day free trial leading to access to tiered package selections. Once onboarded, users can effortlessly create quotes and invoices, leveraging the integrated management system to handle all pending and live jobs efficiently. Additionally, we integrated a PDF reader feature, enabling builders to upload and scale drawings and plans as needed. Our solution also includes advanced functionalities like full inventory upload, multiple professional templates for quotes and invoices, email capabilities directly from the system, robust backend management, seamless Stripe payment integration, mobile-friendly design, and even a Roof Calculator tool, ensuring Quoteitpro has everything tradesmen need for a streamlined quoting and invoicing process.

Sean and the MASEDigital team have propelled QuoteItPro to the forefront of quoting software innovation, transforming our Excel-based concept into a sophisticated solution for builders with their PHP expertise.
What sets MASEDigital apart is their commitment to unbeatable value in pricing and quality.
Our ongoing collaboration ensures QuoteItPro evolves to meet user needs. Thank you, MASEDigital, for your profound impact and unwavering support. We look forward to continuing our partnership.
Will Russell
Founder, QuoteItPro


Website Design & Software Development




2018 – Present